Borehole Images

Image analysis

LogIC has a fully-featured image analysis toolkit. Originally developed in partnership with Schlumberger for the OBMI (oil-based imaging tool) and the ADN, we have extended the functionality to cope with wireline and LWD image logs from all the major logging contractors.

Image Analysis

Functions include:

  • Speed correction and image preparation
  • Comprehensive image display at various orientations and normalizations, including dynamic.
  • Manual and automatic dip picking, classification
  • Breakout analysis, stereo-nets. Azimuth vector and dip magnitude plots
  • Dip statistics
  • Structural rotations
  • 3D views

LogIC Image Analysis

Image logs are an integral part of most modern suites, and LogIC allows the display and manipulation of all the common tools.  On top of all the standard image log processing, integration of these high-resolution data with conventional logs adds terrific value to a standard analysis.  Image log data pre-processing includes speed correction, filtering and re-processing of the contractor’s data with user-defined parameters.

For display, comprehensive facilities include a number of industry-standard and user-defined colour maps, and several normalization options with user definable windows. Depending on the log, a range of analysis tools is available. Common to all is the ability to pick dips manually by clicking on the  observed features, or matching templates.

Dips so picked are immediately displayed as sine waves on the image, and as tadpoles  in a separate log track. Dips can be classified and coloured by class.

2D-Breakout plots (based on multi-sample caliper tools) can be drawn in a dedicated track at regular intervals or drawn ‘on-the-fly’ as the pointer moves down the plot, creating a ‘movie’ effect.

The image log data can be viewed in a 3D window along with the interpreted dip planes.  The image can be rotated/zoomed in a variety of ways to highlight features of interest.  The viewpoint can be set inside the wellbore to help see breakout in relation to the image data and the casing as you ‘fly’ down the well.

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