Downloads Archive

You can download archived versions of Logic, Rep and Core Chopper directly to your desktop.


Version 1.89e16  Download LOGIC 189e16 (40Mb)

Version 1.87g27  Download LOGIC 187g27 (38Mb)

Version 1.87f1  Download LOGIC 187f1 (36Mb)

Version 1.87e5-W2003  Download LOGIC 187e5 for Windows 2003 (36Mb)

Version 1.87c8  Download LOGIC 187c8 (35Mb)


Version 5.28g8 - 19th July 2013  Download REP 528g8(22Mb)

Version 5.24a - 14th December 2009  Download REP 524a(12Mb)

Version 5.22c6 - 8th June 2009  Download REP 522c6(12Mb)

Version 5.20h  Download REP v520h (13Mb)

Version 5.20g  Download REP5 v520g(13Mb)

Version 5.20f  Download REP5 v520f(13Mb)

Version 5.20d3  Download REP5 v520d3(10Mb)

Version 5.12b - March 2007  Download REP v512b (8Mb)


Log Digitiser - Version 1.20 Download Log Digitiser(12Mb)

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