Version 2.02b05 (18th July 2016) Download LogIC v202b05 (84 Mb)

Version 1.89i26 - 27th October 2010  Download LOGIC 189i26 (45Mb)

Version 1.89i12 - 28th September 2010  Download LOGIC 189i12 (40Mb)


Version 5.26b8 - 6th December 2010  Download REP v5.26b8 (29Mb)

Version 5.26b4 - 20th September 2010  Download REP v5.26b4 (27Mb)

Version 5.26a3 - 17th August 2010  Download REP v5.26a3 (32Mb)

Version 5.25b2 - 30th April 2010  Download REP v5.25b2 (32Mb)



Version 1.33a3 - 26th July 2010  Download Q-SCAL 133a3(30Mb)

Core Chopper

Version 2.01a Download CoreChopper (27Mb)

Log Digitiser

Version 1.20 Download Log Digitiser(12Mb)

Note: In order to run this software you will need to contact us for a licence code. Call Joe Pumphrey or Kevin Tilley on:
Tel: +44 (0)1296 655511
Fax:+44 (0) 1296 301860
E-mail: support@logicomep.com Alternate e-mail:Alternate email