Near Wellbore Modelling

To enhance petrophysical interpretation in thin beds (i.e. beds whose thickness is of the same order as the resolution of the main wireline logs).
To model 3-dimensional effects on tool response, allowing better interpretation in high angle and horizontal wells.

    It is estimated that very substantial proportion of the world’s remaining hydrocarbon reserve is to be found in thinly bedded formations so NWM is an important tool for the future, as well as the present.

    Essentially, a 3-dimensional model of the near wellbore is constructed from image logs. (The analysis will work without image logs, but it cannot be 3-dimensional.) Beds are identified and characterised using a combination of automatic and manual techniques.

Near Wellbore Modelling – The Centreline Model

    Bed ClassificatiCentreline Model

Near Wellbore Modelling – Bed classification

    Bed Classification

Near-Wellbore Modelling – Forward modelling

    Forward Modelling

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