NMR Analysis

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) logging is now established as part of the modern logging suite. Nevertheless, while logging hardware has made major advances, software for interpreting NMR data is not widely available. LogIC is one of the few programs available in the industry for dealing with NMR data, and perhaps the only one which does so comprehensively, and for tools from all the major logging contractors, both wireline and LWD.

The program flow starts with data preparation and quality control. You can look at the raw echoes, filter and stack. Single and complex inversion algorithms allow you to move the data into the T2 domain. And once there you have a comprehensive tool box to drill down into the data. These include:

  • Calculation of total, clay bound and capillary bound porosities, with static, zoned or moving cut-offs.
  • Permeability modelling
  • DMRP
  • Multiple acquisition analysis, including T2-D maps.
  • Multi-component analysis
  • Fluid substitution
  • Fully interactive, side-by-side comparison with NMR core data.
  • Loading and similar comparison with NMR station data

Sonic Waveform Analysis

Interactive NMR analysis with echo train display, inversion, calculation of total porosity and bound fluid volume, and integration with standard open hole logs.